Reflective Introduction

It all started back in second grade. I spent all night working really, really hard on writing my first book. Although I don’t remember its title, I do remember that it was about a second grade class that got locked inside of their school at night. With no way of getting out, they decided to have a really fun sleepover! I shyly handed it to my teacher, and she told me, “I plan on going into a bookstore and seeing your books on shelves one day.” Then, she placed my brightly colored and handwritten book onto our class bookshelf with the rest of the real books. Words could not have described how much pure joy and motivation I felt to do more—to do better—so that I could put a smile on someone else’s face. That’s why I’m a writer.

Flash forward to when I was a sophomore in college, I was pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts because my first year I strongly believed I wanted to be a teacher, and being well-rounded in all subjects is what I was told would be best. However, as a sophomore, I took a lot of advice from my mom and decided that after I got my Associates Degree, I was going to pursue my BS in Biology in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist. After all, medical jobs always pay well, right? Well, when I was with my advisor my sophomore year working on picking my classes for my final semester at county college, he asked me what I was planning on doing for a career. I told him I really wanted to be an occupational therapist. Or so I thought. He came back with, “So then why are you taking so many Literature and Writing classes as electives? Not many people choose to take Children’s Literature and British Lit I for fun.” I was stumped. He posed an obvious question I seemed to have been avoiding for a long time, “Have you thought about studying English as your major?”

I had already decided on transferring to Stockton for OT, but when I got home that day, I did more research on Stockton. I found out that Stockton had a Literature program and a minor in Writing. It was everything I ever wanted and I didn’t even know it. My next step was trying to explain to my mom why I wanted to study Literature and Writing and how I was going to get a job with expertise in those two things. But I thought to myself, If I pursue what I love, everything else will fall into place. I also didn’t think I could live with doing work I hated for the rest of my life.

And behold; now I’m here. I’m graduating cum laude as a Literature major and Writing minor from Stockton University with more skills and expertise than I ever could have imagined were possible for this field. Before coming to Stockton, I never knew that I could acquire the skills necessary to obtain a career in social media management, blogging, content writing, or web design as a Literature major/Writing minor—and now I’m more than qualified to have a career in all of those fields. Being at Stockton has made me realize that studying Literature doesn’t mean that I am only obtaining skills to be an English teacher (like everyone thinks); there are so many more opportunities available other than teaching.

I also owe most of my knowledge in all things digital to my awesome professor/preceptor/mentor Adeline Koh who has taught me pretty much everything that I know. While she helped me refine my writing skills, she has also helped me in securing a part-time Social Media Management position, which is something that I never thought required a flair. She also has been very active in helping me perfect the art of blogging, and (ta-da) together we have finally created my first personal blog! Now, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. My eyes and mind have been opened to all of the new things that are possible as a writer, and graduating from Stockton is just the prologue to the rest of my life story.


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