“Fishing” for Activism


Source: Mic.com


I had never been an animal rights activist before I watched the movie Blackfish. I mean, I’d always loved puppies and kittens and hated the idea of shelters, but I wouldn’t say I’d ever really preached about it. And I know, Blackfish is considered “old news” since it came out in January 2013, but I think it’s something that should still be revisited. After all, it has been the source of a lot of new animal activists—including me. For those of you who don’t know, Blackfish is a documentary aimed at exposing SeaWorld, as well as other parks affiliated with SeaWorld, for their torture and cruelty towards orca killer whales. The film interviews former animal trainers, divers, and executives to get their real-life stories and experiences working for SeaWorld. Continue reading

Cooking College-Style



So I may have lied a little bit. I know I said that I’d only post pictures of my “college style” meals, but I decided to be a little creative last night. I decided to make a recipe for Garlic Broccoli Angel Hair Pasta I found while I was searching online for new stuff to eat the other day. In reality, it probably only took about a half hour from prep to completion, but it definitely required a lot more effort than I usually put in for dinner (although that really isn’t saying much since most of my meals are made in the microwave), so I think this can still be considered a “college style” meal! Continue reading

Oh My Veggie!

veggiesI know I expressed my love for carbs in my last post, but have I ever said how much I love veggies? Tonight I made an entire bag of Birds Eye Steamfresh Asian Medley vegetables. And you know what? I ate that whole bag, too. I know I talked about moderation and portion control, but this is arguably the only “meal” I make that I just can’t talk myself out of eating the whole thing. With the entire bag taking only 7 1/2 minutes to cook (in the microwave, may I add), amounting to 226 calories, 1360mg of calcium (360 over the FDA‘s recommended intake!), and 7.6g of protein, these veggies just keep getting better. Continue reading